The 2017 King of Dolomites edition calls for 2 different moments: a Qualifying Stage which will take place in Moena, destined only to the OPEN category, and the Grand Finale in San Martino di Castrozza, where the two categories OPEN and PRO will both compete.

The current Guidelines refer specifically and exclusively to the San Martino di Castrozza Grand Finale which will take place from 16th to 19th February 2017.

If you’re looking for the Contest Rules of the Qualifying Stage in Moenaclick here.

1] Subject of the “King of Dolomites” Contest

King of Dolomites is a photographic contest focused on the Freeride Skiing, whether practiced on Skiis, Telemark skiis or Snowboards. The Qualifying Stage will take place in Moena from 1st January to 10th February 2017, while the Grand Finale of the contest will occur from 16th February to 19th February 2017 in San Martino di Castrozza, in the italian eastern Dolomites, in Trentino. The main goal of the contest is to shoot the best freeride picture in the Dolomites, within a well-defined area. The shots will be evaluated and judged according to the criteria determined in the current guidelines.

2] Contest Categories

The contest participants are divided into 2 categories: the first one is reserved for professional photographers in the sector and athletes (denominated PRO), and the second one open to all the freeride and photography enthusiasts (denominated OPEN).

For the PRO category, a maximum of 8 Teams are admitted to the contest, in addition to the winner of the Qualifying Stage who will create his own team with other 2 riders (also amateurs). Each team must be constituted by a professional photographer and two professional riders.

For the OPEN category, a maximum of 100 Teams are admitted to the contest. Each team must be constituted by maximum 3 people.

For both categories, the pictures must be taken from 6 a.m. of Friday 17th February and must be consigned within midnight on Saturday 18th February according to the procedure defined in the current guidelines.

3] Contest attendance and registration

Only the properly registered teams can take part in the competition. The teams of both categories must respect the rules and the ordinance exhibited inside and outside the Ski Area and the municipality.

For the PRO category, the participation can occur upon invitation of the organizing committee or according to regular candidacy application. In both cases, the admission of each team is submitted to the check and the examination of the curricula of every member of the team. For this purpose, every team is required to send an email at with the names of every member of the team, a presentation text of each rider and at least one picture from the portfolio of the professional photographer. The examination of the applications and the admission of each team will be confirmed with the final and incontestable decision of the organizing committee.

For the OPEN category, no check of the prerequisites is required to take part to the competition. The contest registration fee is 60 € per team (irrespective of the number of the team members). For the teams which will benefit from the Early Bird formula (registration within midnight on 31st January 2017) the price is 45 € per team.

The teams which will apply for the OPEN category, must sign up for the contest on the website of the event and pay the registration fee via PayPal.

As an alternative to the on-line registration, it is possible to enroll and sign up for the competition directly at the KOD point in San Martino di Castrozza (Tognola Info Point and Central Skipass Office in San Martino di Castrozza) starting from Monday 13th February, till 9 a.m. of Saturday 18th February 2017.

Every registered team of the OPEN category will receive the competition package, consisting of 3 KOD2017 T-shirts and a voucher for a discount on the price of the Skipass.

The teams which will benefit from the Early Bird formula will pick up the competition package and the Skipass voucher at the KOD points starting from Monday 13th February 2017.

4] Contest main topic and evaluation criteria of the consigned photographic material

The 2017 edition of King of Dolomites provides for a unique topic for both categories (PRO and OPEN): shoot the best Freeride picture of the Dolomites. The best 3 pictures of every category will be rewarded as follows:


Evaluation criteria of the pictures: 

  • DOLOMITIC LANDSCAPE in other words, the scenic beauty and the capacity to enhance the panorama/context of the location. Each shot must contain an element which clearly identifies the place where the picture has been taken, within the designed dolomitic area. Weight of the criterion: 40 %
  • EMOTION AND ACTION intended as technical quality of the athletic movement, interpretation and story-telling of the action. Weight of the criterion: 30 %
  • STYLE AND PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUE intended as photography quality in terms of composition, light and originality of the image. Weight of the criterion: 30 % 

In every shot, at least one rider in action must always be represented. Pictures taken on the days before the beginning of the Contest will not be considered and judged.

5] Consignment of the pictures and technical requirements

The teams of both categories (PRO and OPEN) must consign 3 pictures at the latest on midnight of Saturday 18th February 2017. The pictures of each team of both categories must be shared on Instagram using the hashtags of the Contest #kingofdolomites #kod2017 #kingofsanmartino, and then sent in high-resolution via Wetransfer through the specific button on the website starting from Saturday 18th February 2017. We highly recommend to follow meticulously the instructions on the website to ensure the success of the upload operation; in the filename of each photo please specify the name of the photographer and the captured rider. As an alternative, it is possible to upload the pictures directly on the PC of the organizing committee in the office above the ApT offices of San Martino di Castrozza (until midnight) or at the Tognola Info Point (until 5 p.m.) from the camera of the team, or using a data storage device (USB drive, Memory Card).

6] Composition of the Jury

The jury is constituted by 3 people chosen between freeriders, journalists and photographers in the field of winter sports and the disciplines linked to the world of freeriding. The jury will consider and judge only the consigned pictures, and will declare the winner of each category. The names of the members of the jury are listed on a specific page of the official website of the contest.

7] Award ceremony and distribution of the prize

The award ceremony will take place in the Sass Maor square in San Martino di Castrozza, on 4 p.m. of Sunday 19th February 2017. The technical equipment prizes for the OPEN category will be awarded during the ceremony. The money prize for the PRO and OPEN categories will be sent within 180 days from the end of the event, the amount is intended after taxes and withholding tax:

  • FIRST PLACE – PRO CATEGORY: €  3.000,00
  • SECOND PLACE – PRO CATEGORY: €  1.500,00
  • THIRD PLACE – PRO CATEGORY:   €  1.000,00

At the award ceremony it is required the presence of at least one member for each team. In case of absence of the winner team/a member of the winner team, the team will be automatically excluded from the classification of the contest and the prize will be awarded to the successive team.

8] Use of the images

The consigned photographs may be used, previously adding the photo credits, by the organizing committee, the local office for tourism promotion and the sponsors.

Every picture will be published on the official website and on the social networks of the event, and may be used to promote the future editions of the event, the location and the products of the partners which sponsored the event.

9] Responsibility

The organizing committee refuses any responsibility for damages to people and things before, during and after the event. The observance and the respect of possible municipal ordinances about off-track skiing during the days of the event is referred to the single participants to the contest.